Friday, May 22, 2009

small shop update

a sneak peek of two things added to the online shop today. I am trying to add a few more but with Arthur lurking in and out of the shop, armed with our water sprayer and window squeegie (how do you spell that) I'm keeping my eyes on him. Anyone in need of some cheap-child-window-cleaning labour? Oh the very lovely tea towel is by Susan aka spin spin. She hand screenprints them here in Melbourne on 100% linen and I didn't iron it for the photo., does that make me a bad photographer/shopkeeper ?


The Little Miss said...

ahhhhhhhhh I LOVE YOUR SHOP! You will b seeing lots of me!

Tikimama said...

"squeegee" says the Queen of All Good Spelling and Grammar!

Good luck running your shop with your "helper" - I know how you feel!

Love the new items!

Anthony said...

Yes, very bad shopkeeper! Tsk, tsk!
I love the circus-themed Old Maid cards. Then again, I love most ANY vintage circus thing!
Wish you weren't all the way off in Australia... If it weren't for the cost of shipping, I'd probably be one of your best customers!

Anonymous said...

I love the t towel--totally my sense of humor. I will be purchasing it when funds permit! (And I don't iron either. Life is too short.)