Thursday, May 28, 2009

adding a few new things

Plugging away on my computer getting distracted by other links, blogs and things when I should just upload some pics to the online shop. Anyways a few new items added so far. Trying to have a bit of an online dust, sweep and clean. Other news is that this Saturday we will be closing early at 3.30pm. Yes I found the lost tickets which means we can go. I did actually sit down after a good frantic 1 hour search and ask out aloud "where are the tickets St Anthony". Lay down on my bed quietly and bam the answer came to me, I kid you not. Found inside a handbag used over one month ago, which was in the laundry, inside a large backpack. Obvious place to leave tickets right?

1 comment:

Jessi said...

what a relief! so good when it just comes to you like that! :)