Friday, November 21, 2008

six things

I was tagged last week by neryl for 6 quirky tidbits of information about myself. After much ho humming and twiddling of thumbs, I really can't think of much. I think that I have quirky taste so instead here are six of my new favourite vintage artworks. I framed these yesterday and I love them. There's another 10 to frame, take a peek of all of them here. They are created using the covers of old colouring and puzzle books. And yes I am selling these beauties in our shop. They are the original covers, no photocopies etc here. So they are a one well two of a kind as the back covers are the same, some are drawn on so not all will be two and I'm yet to decide what I will keep. Please contact us if you would like to buy one. or phone 0408557459.

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neryl said...

Thanks Natalie! Super cute pics. Sorry I haven't got to the shop yet. We are in the middle of pulling down walls at our place so it's a bit chaotic. Will aim for next week!