Friday, September 12, 2008

and we thought we had lots of stuff

I stumbled upon a magazine that I wouldn't normally buy, but for some reason I decided to flick through Romantic Homes and this picture alone made me buy the magazine. I love this image and all it's vintage goodness. So I thought that I would share it here. The home belongs to Adrienne and Ron Caldwell and my favourite quote in the accompanying story re: some of her favourite finds.... came from hunting through her uncle's basement in a 250 year old barn in Pennsylvania. "He was using a prized cookie jar to drain oil from his car".


Cherry Rockette said...

ooh, look at all the pretty things! don't worry, i'm terrible for buying a mag just for 1 picture (i'm just too visual based). sigh, i want those cute tins.

Unknown said...

at least he was making USE of it?! i guess that's good!