Thursday, October 25, 2007

yee haw

For those not in Melbourne, spring racing carnival is on... not that I go or really care but I thought that I would do my first themed window (although I cheated and photographed it inside the shop - as who knows where my polarising filter is to take a half decent photo thru glass)... anyways I digress. Giddy up little fellas. Not that you would believe it from this display I actually used to work as a visual merchandiser. Yep studied it at tafe for 2 years, I even worked for Selfridges and Virgin megastore in London. Fancy huh!!
In relation to my previous post about biscuits, some sneaky little choc teddy bears made it into my trolley this morning. I do a super big shop once a month when we're down to one roll of loo paper and squeazing the bejesus out of the toothpaste. And those naughty teddies jumped right in. 2 down thanks to morning tea and a little shop boredom. Rainy day is Melbourne, so I am going to try and start a flickr site. Seems everyone else has one.


Fine Little Day said...

Suchs nice items in this pic.

Lara said...

hehe, so you got the little speech bubbles to stand up after all :)