Tuesday, October 16, 2007

too much coffee

Does anyone else find that if they drink a little too much coffee, they get a little tense and wound up? I took Arthur to the library this morning for a children's reading session. We came home, had lunch, put him to bed, I had a coffee and now aaarrrgh... I feel very annoyed. I try to teach Arthur about good manners, waiting turns, the usual stuff and think back to the library when other kids jump up, push in, demand attention, get the good crayons, the ducky finger puppet. And Arthur turns and says I didn't get one. My 2.8 year old and 5 year olds push in front and grab things. Am I going to be an over-sensitive mum? Do you jump in and wrestle for things? hmmm what to do? On a brighter note I'm working on a series of photographs to frame and sell in the shop. Patterns and cars.

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joanne said...

there is always a little argy bargy between kids - and I know its very sideline mum of me but I am always really thinking " quick move,get in front" but pretending to be the gracious mother at the the same time.... maybe too much netball???? pics look cool