Monday, December 6, 2010

I survived...

4 days at Magnolia Square... It was exhausting but fun and a big thanks to my sister and sister in law for manning our stall with me over the weekend. I met some lovely people especially my 'hood of stall holders who were all lovely and make awesome stuff. so here are some links to their websites... Knuffle Kid, Wendy June, We heart Books, Little Rivet Jeans, Mae and Little Lamb. I had a self-imposed embargo on buying whilst there, which proved to be more than just a little hard and I failed... So today our wee family played hookey and went into the city to have our annual family photo with Santa and to check out the Myer Christmas windows.... House painting to be done tomorrow and then back to the shop on wednesday where I'll be busy photographing lots of fabulous framed book illustrations and board games and more to put online.

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