Saturday, June 19, 2010

birthday pressie

During the week I had a couple of framing jobs to get done, but unfortunately the frame requested wasn't in stock, so with a wee bit of time to kill I cut some mounts. First pic is from an old nursey rhyme book that my sister and I used to read at our grandparents when we were little. I'm planning on framing up 3 of the pictures for my nieces and nephew's birthday which are all coming up.

And it's been awhile since I made any of these, but I busted out some old memory cards and have mounted them up. (Arthur actually helped pick out the cards and we arranged them together.) They are available framed or unframed from our online shop. Incidently we played with the same set of memory cards at my grandparents too. I also framed two great screenprints for myself. I'll get around to photographing, once I've hung them at home.


Unknown said...

nice! x

First House on the Right said...

Those memory cards are the EXACT ones my sisters & I played memory with in the early 80s. Love them!