Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter break

Today I finally found a place to hang Aurelie's delightful prints. A little rearranging, a little banging of new holes in the wall and voila....Here is 6 of the 8 prints - you'll have to visit the shop to find the other 2.
In other shop related news, we have decided to have a wee bit of family time over Easter. So next week, the shop will be closed all week. No great holiday plans or adventures to far away lands, just a little bit of quality time is in order. First term of kinder is now completed, so before I know it our little fellow will be off to school.... If you happen to be visiting from afar, please give us a call and we can always try to arrange a time to open the shop for you.


oldflowers4me said...

its so nice to have family time-i so love the school holidays -singing and skipping-love jo

Kaylovesvintage said...

enjoy some quality time