Friday, February 20, 2009

a wee bit of framing

I managed to squeeze in a wee bit of framing on Tuesday for ourselves and the shop. We have many wonderful vintage items and new artwork to frame up, but it's hard to find the time and then the space to hang in the shop. With Arthur at kindergarten this year, it's meaning a bit more routine in our lives. So Tuesday is my day of framing. The first photo is a new addition to the shop, created from a complete set of vintage abc cards from the 1960's. And second photo is one for the house. You may recognise the cards from this previous post here. A set of cards from a supermarket called 4 square in New Zealand. There is still an unframed set for sale over at our bigcartel shop or if someone out there would like a framed set, let me know. I have enough cards for 2 sets and then they're gone...well living happily in someone else's home.

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