Tuesday, December 23, 2008

so much for christmas...

A certain little boy, (who shall remain nameless) found his vintage fisher price booty that was supposed to be for Christmas. Okay I hadn't hidden it that well, especially for an inquisitive wee fellow, so I have only myself to blame. But in my defense I've had a hideous sinus infection that has beaten me and seen me head to the Doc for a course of antibiotics...no fun I tell you.
But at least we have gotten to set it all Fisher Price in our living room and have a little play time fun.
I was at a loss as to how to keep all the little people in one spot without them getting lost / strewn everywhere / eaten by the dog and I happened to find this photo here and ta da. Lucky for us we have a shop with a few printers trays for sale so that I could borrow (ahem) one. So here's hoping everyone has a wonderful, fun and happy Christmas. We're yet to work out which days the shop will be shut other than the 25th so once we've figured it out I'll update our website and here.

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Elisabeth Dunker said...

Oh, looks fun and lovely :)